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Oh, hello everyone, so we are four days into December and I'm sure some of you have already started decorating for the holidays. The month of December can be an extremely busy month with all the holiday family parties, work parties, shopping, traveling and just trying to live in general. You might be asking when do I even have time to decorate or shop for my house? I know this past week I've had a few moments of panic and terror when searching through Instagram and Pinterest for the best holiday inspiration because it seemed everyone else had their life together and were already decorated for the holidays. My mother starts decorating the day after Halloween, my birthday, and boy does she go all out for the holidays! I asked her at Thanksgiving how she and my step father have so many holiday decorations, because let's face it, it ain't cheap buying Christmas decorations. They told me that their collection is from 21 years of marriage and friends and family gifting ornaments, wreaths, candles, vases, pretty much all things Christmas.

Holiday decorating and shopping for said decorations can be so time consuming and overwhelming, and if you are not sure what style or look you want to go for this Christmas season it can make you even more stressed. Well I'm here to tell you that I have scoured Instagram and Pinterest to find the best holiday inspiration, and I want to share with you first the look I put together after seeing so many creative and beautiful posts. Below is our living room currently decked out for the holidays. I will also provide some of the photos that inspired me to create this look on my Pinterest account. So check it out after you read the post!  Our style for this years decorations is a use of primary colors; blue, red and green. There is some gold and silver sprinkled in as well. It was a bold choice but I love it, and I can't wait to hear what you guys think of the overall look. 

I am also providing a fresh petal magical mood board of all our pieces, and I'll go ahead and tell you everything is from Target. I really didn't plan it that way, however because I did not have a lot of time to shop or a very high budget, Target saved me both time and money! If you like what you see, click on the Target link at the bottom of this blog post to receive a special promotion of free shipping on your purchase! Ok, so here we go! 

First you will see our living room in four photos. I then give you six tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree that will save you time and maybe some broken ornaments! At the end you will find The Fresh Petal magical mood board of each piece in our holiday collection, so that you too can create this look in your home. 

 Here's our mantle and fire scape decorated for the holidays in primary color glory! 

Here's our mantle and fire scape decorated for the holidays in primary color glory! 

 Look closely you will find a Teeko in the photo! 

Look closely you will find a Teeko in the photo! 


Here are a few tips for decorating your Christmas Tree: 

1. Count on using at least 100 lights per vertical foot of the tree. 

2. Put your topper on the tree first before the ornaments so that you don't have to worry about knocking anything off the tree when you climb your stepladder. 

3. To create a full look, plan to hang 20 to 40 ornaments per vertical foot of the tree. 

4. Mix your ornaments with plain balls and more decorative ornaments. 

5. Start with filling your tree with the plain and simpler ornaments with the heavier ones on the bottom and the lighter ones on the top. 

6. When you are almost finished, decorate the bare spots with your most elaborate, unique ornaments. 

magical moods//holiday decorations


1. Target Embroidered Llama Throw Pillow (18") - White $19.99-Anyone and everyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE llamas, so when I saw this pillow I had to have it! 

2. Target Knit Monogram Stocking - Wondershop™ Red $13.00- I purchased a letter for myself, my boyfriend Ben, and our two doggies Zuce and Teeko. Every time our dogs see a stocking, they know that they will be getting special treats because they remember that last Christmas that's what stockings meant. It's sad because alas they will have to wait for Santa Claus. 

3. Target 24" Unlit Red Berry/Pinecones Artificial Mixed Pine Christmas Wreath - Wondershop™$30.00-To add some warm and another dimension to this beautiful wreath, you can add warm fairy string led lights to it. That's what I did! 

4. Target Phillips 30-ct Christmas Battery Operated LED Dewdrop Fairy String Lights-Warm White $5.99. These lights are the best to add to jars, bottles, wreaths and to line a mirror or your mantle. They are inexpensive and so easy to use and last forever! 

5. Target Velvet Tree Skirt-Wondershop $30.00. We actually purchased this tree skirt last year and it survived our puppy at the time, Teeko! So it's very durable! 

6. Target 7.5ft Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree Virginia Pine - Wondershop™ it's currently on sale for $139.99 (regular $199.99) We are so in love with this tree! It's our first year not buying a real tree and it's been no fuss no mess! It was literally the easiest tree to put together and saved us so much time! Buying a real tree is great, however it is one of the most time consuming experiences during the holidays. I recommend if you don't have the time or patience to take care of a real one to purchase this glorious artificial tree! And it's on sale plus you will get free shipping if you click on the link on the bottom of this blog post! 

7. Target 20-ct Red Assorted Finishes Ball Christmas Ornament Set $20.99.

8. Target 23'' Artificial Flocked Tree-Wondershop $18.00. These little trees are so darling and very easy to add to any room or small space that needs just a little bit of Christmas. You can even buy mini Christmas ornaments from Wondershop to decorate or keep it natural and simple. I chose to keep ours natural because we already have a lot of color happening in our overall look. I did add the fairy string led warm lights to one of them that's on the bookshelf. 

9. Target 50-ct 70mm Blue Silver Dark Blue Christmas Ornament Set-Wondershop $15.00. 

10. Target Bright Ceramic Tree Medium $16.99. These decorative trees were a must have for me because of all the color! I love the modern sleek design of the tree paired with all those bright colors! It's such a fun look for the holidays! 

11. Target Bright Ceramic Tree Small $12.99.

12. Target Silver Metal Deer Christmas Stocking Holder-Wondershop $10.00. I fell in love with these elegant silver deer! They are so classy and sophisticated and are solid! They look like they would cost at least $20 each. My boyfriend commented "oh so fancy" when I put them on the mantle. The silver ties into the rest of the silver throughout the space creating a cohesive feel and look. 

Quick tip: When decorating your space for the holidays you want to choose a color theme and stick with it. You want the colors to speak to each other throughout the room, pulling everything together for a collected look. It will not only be beautiful, but your friends and family will think you hired a designer to decorate your space! 

13. Target Light Up House Stocking Holder-Wood Threshold $9.99. These tiny houses are perfect for your mantle and they light up, which sold me right away! They bring a sense of  home and an overall cozy feel to your holiday decor. 

14. Target Bear Snow Globe-Blue/Silver $14.99. Ok, so let's talk about snow globes! I have loved snow globes since I was a child, so when I see snow globes I feel like I have to purchase every single one! However, I restrained and only purchased two this year and they tie into the primary color scheme, pulling the room together in a subtle way. They also light up! 

15. Target Fox Snow Globe-Red/Silver $14.99. 

16. Target Magnolia Hearth & Hand Glass Jug Candle Holder-Large $29.99. This glass jug is not only tall and beautiful, I chose it to speak to all of my snow globes. All of my snow globes are glass, so I wanted to add another glass element without it being an ornament or another snow globe. There's so many things you can do with this tall glass jug, and you can use it not only for holiday decoration but throughout the year! I chose to fill this jug with glitter covered pine cones and the fairy string LED warm lights. You can also add a tall LED flickering candle or flame candle. 

17. Target 23'' Aspen Snowman Figurine-Wondershop $25.00. These snowmen are so dang cute I had to buy them! Plus they help to neutralize and balance all the primary colors that are happening in our space. Just be careful, your pets will think they are toys to chew and destroy. You must protect the snowmen! They are too cute to go down! 

18. Target 12'' Aspen Snowman-Wondershop $15.00. 

19. Target 8.5'' Decorative Metal House-Wondershop $10.00. This is the perfect size to display on a bookshelf or mantle. I am using it on our bookshelf and it transforms our bookshelf into a beautiful Christmas scene. 

20. Target Felt Basket with Handles-Blue $19.99. Now you can't have a living room without a basket and a throw. This basket was the perfect blue that corresponded to our blue inspired tree and the other blue pieces in the room. Adding the warm red throw blanket gives your holiday look a refined classic holiday feel. 

21. Target Herringbone Throw Blanket-Red-Threshold $19.99. This is one of the softest throw blankets you will ever own! It also has a seamless classic look to use not only during the holidays but throughout the entire year. 

Ok folks we've made it through the magical mood board of all our holiday decorations. I hope you like our bold look we decided to go with this year. Remember to visit my Pinterest page, The Fresh Petal, to view our holiday decor inspiration board to see where I got my inspiration for this look. If you have some favorites on this list that you must have, click on the Target link below to receive free shipping on your online order with Target. 

Thank you guys for reading and please tell me what you love and what you don't in the comments below. Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! 

Best & xx,