how to style a beautiful holiday vignette


Oh, hello everyone, so hopefully by now most of you have started decorating your home or office for the holidays. Last week's post I shared with you my own personal holiday decorations and the very colorful primary color theme that I chose. I also provided a magical mood board of all the items and where you can purchase them. Don't worry if you missed it last week,  you can still check it out on my blog page :) 

This week I am going to show you how I've taken some of those holiday decorations and used them in different settings, the setting being a beautiful holiday vignette. My medium for creating these wonderful vignettes is my trusty IKEA Hemnes Dresser. It serves so many purposes not just as a dresser; it's my collect all, toss clothing on, store random items and acts as my stunning styling platform!

You're probably asking "what the heck is a vignette and why should I decorate it?" 

A vignette is a small arrangement of objects or furniture that are spread throughout your home or office. You can think of them as mini representations of your style and personality, and they allow your guests to get an insider's take on your interests and style. It's through these little windows where your guests connect with your soul. Vignettes tell a collective story through your personal objects and memorabilia that speak to you and everyone who visits your home. Creating these tiny worlds will also help bring a cohesive feel and theme throughout your home. They can stand alone and be a part of the bigger theme that is your personal style. There are four places that make great vignettes and are your opportunity to shine: 



Mantles are the most obvious location for a vignette as they are often the focal point in your space. The eye is most naturally drawn to a mantle the moment you walk into the room, and is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your prized collection of art, books, plants, flowers and anything else that represents your personal style. Displaying a large piece of art or sculpture will balance the heft of the fireplace, and determine the rest of scheme. Balance is very important as it comforts the eye and keeps it moving. To maintain balance use a mix of different heights, such as a stack of books or art pieces that are different heights. 


Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are most often where you and your guests will gather to talk, play games, drink and eat. When styling your coffee table add some of your favorite books or reading material, a tray to collect the remotes and other random items, a sculptural piece and always a nice flower or live plant to bring color and life to the table. Candles are also a nice touch and can serve as the sculptural element as well. Choose items that mimic the geometric shape of the table and stacks give depth and dimension to the table. I personally like to style my coffee very minimally because it servers at my dinner table and work space. I'm currently typing this blog post from my coffee table :) 


Bar Carts

Bar carts are a central hub for entertaining as they contain all the booze, and you can make them into a perfectly styled vignette that represents you. Choose the bottles that are in your color scheme and the drinks you will most likely serve. You also want to display pretty bottles and decanters for those drinks who don't have the prettiest packaging. Add a piece of art,  some of your favorite books, sculptural pieces and a live plant to really make your bar cart stylish and a complete representation of you. Your guests will be so impressed and want to decorate their own! 



Dressers are one of my favorite places to style. I like to think of them as my own personal landscape, where I can create so many possibilities. Dressers are most often in bedrooms and offices, spaces that tend to be more intimate and where we spend most of our quiet time. When styling your dresser, include a unique piece of art that was maybe done by a friend, a dish for collecting jewelry, sculptural pieces that have different textures (shiny, matte, smooth, rough) and mix the heights to create dimension and balance. It is also very important to think about layering your dresser with smaller pieces being in the front. It's just as if you were painting an actual landscape; you start with your base and larger items in the back, then layer in front with smaller items of different heights and sizes. 

I shared with you four prime locations for vignettes, however they are not limited to just those locations. Bookshelves, shelves, nooks and crannies and unique character spaces to your home also provide excellent opportunities to create vignettes and let your personal style shine. My advice to you is just to start decorating and play with the items and spaces you already have. Styling is all about editing and then editing some more. It's also a great idea to take pictures throughout the process, because you can see through a photo what might need to be moved or added to create balance and harmony. 

Ok, so now you know what a vignette consists of and how to style one. We are in the holiday season and to expand upon last week's blog post on holiday decorations, I would like to share with you three differently styled holiday vignettes. I did create these vignettes just using my trusty IKEA Hemnes dresser that I absolutely love and use to create different vignettes all the time. Although these were created on a dresser, you can certainly apply it to any area of your home that you think might work. I say experiment and play because you'll be greatly surprised at how much fun you will have. 

Magnolia Themed Vignette

In the first set of photos above, you will notice a Magnolia inspired theme for this holiday vignette. Most of the items are from the new Hearth and Hand collection with Magnolia at Target. I first wanted to showcase that incredible hot chocolate pitcher and my favorite Winston Salem camper's mug. They are my focal point of this vignette and to make it festive I added simple greenery that I purchased from Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's has these lovely bunches of holiday greenery for just $4.99 a bundle. You can't beat that and it brings an extra dose of holiday spirit to any space.

You will also notice in this vignette that everything speaks to one another through color and texture. The black in the candle and on the canisters connect to the art piece on the wall. The greenery in the vase to the left connects to the greenery on the tray. The tray even compliments the wood on the hot chocolate pitcher bringing it together. I've also included the pine cones on the tray to connect to the ones in the tall glass jug which is also from the new Hearth and Hand collection.

There is also balance here as there are different variations of height on both sides and a similar number of collected items. A collection is when you have 3 or more of an object and my favorite rule in styling is to style in 3's or 4's. One object off by itself really doesn't look complete or cohesive. And finally you will also notice some layering here with this vignette adding depth and dimension. The larger Items are in the back with the smaller ones being towards the front. This was by far my favorite one to style of the series and taking the photos were also a joy. 

colorful holiday vignette

The next series above, is a bright and bold holiday styled vignette. Most of the items here are from Target, except for the greenery of course which is from Trader Joe's. Starting at the base you will see a beautiful red Threshold Throw that brings texture and a pop of color to this holiday scene. You will also notice that the color scheme in this scene consists of primary colors, red, blue and green. I recommend that when choosing a bold color scheme to stay within it. You'll notice that each object speaks to all the others by displaying similar colors in the overall scheme. It provides a cohesive and collected feel, which is what you want to achieve. I would recommend this look to anyone who wants to be bold with color during the holidays. 

winter wonderland vignette

Finally we have the winter wonderland styled vignette, that was my favorite to style. You will first notice that the color scheme is neutral and tonal which is perfect when wanting to create a magical winter scene. I also added a sheep skin throw to add the effect of snow and a fluffy texture to the landscape. Adding the snowmen, the polar bear globe, reindeer, greenery and the pine cones makes you feel like you are truly at the north pole in the heart of Christmas. This is an easy look to create at home, just make sure that the overall scene is balanced with different heights and place larger items in the back and bring smaller ones towards the front for a layer of dimension. 

Now that I've shared with you some holiday inspired vignettes, it's your turn to create your own. I would start with some of your favorite holiday decorations that may have been passed down through your family or just a few that are personal to you. Put them into collections and color schemes and start creating vignettes all over your home. Remember that you don't just have to use your dresser, move to any space that would make a perfection representation of your own personality and style. All you have to do is start and I promise you will love it! 

I want to see what you create, so after you have styled your own vignette that is to your liking, post a photo of it to your Instagram Feed and tag @thefreshpetal and you will be entered into our Holiday Decorations contest to win a free online design package for one room. I would also love to hear, in the comments section below, which one of these three vignettes was your favorite from today's post.  Remember you can also check out last week's post to see all the Target holiday decorations I have used and to purchase online for a special discount if you follow my link. 

I am going to leave today's post with some of my favorite holiday inspired vignettes from Instagram and Pinterest. I highly recommend following these profiles as they are very inspiring and beautiful!