Copy of we're buying a house//oh how exciting!

Oh, Hello Everyone, 

Yes, this is the week that my boyfriend and I finally close on our first house! I cannot believe that on Thursday we will finally become homeowners! And keep your fingers crossed that everything goes through smoothly for us between now and the closing date! This week has been an extremely busy week and I had planned on Tuesday's blog post being on my staging project for the hair suites at Aspire Salons, however I am still waiting on some art to come in, and I can't finish until they are here. So next Tuesday's blog post will hopefully be about the completed staging project at Aspire Salons.

From Thursday night until next Tuesday I will be cleaning the new house, moving in, unpacking, organizing, decorating and probably many style edits later I can bring you a somewhat completed and styled home. I will be posting several Instagram Stories and photos along the way, because I will definitely need some input and feedback on my style choices. We have been under contract for this house for two months now and styling this house has been all I've dreamed about! My mind is a cluttered mess of ideas and I've changed my mind a thousand times already on styling choices. So, some feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

This pretty much wraps up this blog post. I wanted to share the exciting news and I hope everyone is as pumped and excited to see this beautiful mid-century ranch house that we will finally be able to call our home! I leave you with a photo of the house from the Redfin app that we used to find it. 

 Photo provided by

Photo provided by