our new living room//creating your own sanctuary

Oh, hello everyone, 

I am back after two weeks of working in The Tiny Spa, moving into our new home, unpacking, organizing and finally doing what I love best, styling! Let me start by saying I have been designing and changing my plans for how I was going to decorate our first home at least 30 times or more before we ever moved in. My advice to you before you go out and by things for your new home is to live in it first. I bought so many furnishings before even moving in and once they were in the space, it didn't work out so great. For example the original rug I purchased for our living room was a 5x7 and once we moved in our sofa and coffee table, the rug disappeared into the room. So, I decided to purchase a lighter colored rug that was also a size bigger, a 6x9, and it worked out beautifully. Once you live in your new home you will want to find the true flow and how you will spend your time in the space. You will move and rearrange furniture for weeks just as I have and I'm sure I'm not done yet. So, if there's anything you can take away from this blog post today, it is to wait to purchase furniture and see how you will use the space and live in your new home. 

Moving forward I would like to show you what is my current living room that I am very happy with, however I will probably change a few things as we transition to fall. Our living room is my favorite space in the entire house. It is comfy, beautiful and functional. Not to mention there's this marvelous window that looks out into our very own natural pond and wildlife sanctuary. I see deer, geese, all types of birds and rabbits everyday out this window. It reminds me of my childhood at my grandparents' home, playing outside in the wilderness without a care in the world. Here a few pictures of our living room.  At the end of this blog I have a mood board of all the items and where you can purchase them. 

 Look at that marvelous window!!! 

Look at that marvelous window!!! 

 So, this is a wool shag rug. It sheds more that my Siberian Husky Teeko. However, it is so soft and beautiful. 

So, this is a wool shag rug. It sheds more that my Siberian Husky Teeko. However, it is so soft and beautiful. 

You will notice in the photos  above that the art number 3 and 4 are not present. That is because I am still waiting on them to come in. As soon as they come in and I have them in their best places, I'll post an updated photo on Instagram. Mood board using Canva www.canva.com 

1. Ikea Sofa Kivik Series/$1,299

2. Target Navy Blue Denim Throw Pillow/$23.99, Target Stripped Lumbar Pillow/$21.24, World Market Green Velvet Pillow $7.49/West Elm Textured Silk Fringed Pillow Cover Papaya $39

3. Minted for West Elm-Teal Winds/$249

4. Abella Paper Print from Parima Studios/$180

5. Target Stacking Accent Table/$34.99

6.  Target Brass Menlo Collection Desk Lamp - Threshold™/$54.99

7. All Modern Bramble Coffee Table/$303.99

8.  West Elm Telescope Floor Lamp/$249 

9. Champlost Hand-woven Beige Area Rug 6x9/$309.06

10. Fiddle Leaf Fig Local Nursery/$34-$75

11. Target Black Stripe Sea Grass Basket - Threshold™/$24.99