magical moods//creating a comfy sanctuary for your bedroom

Oh, hello everyone, this is my first post since thanksgiving and although initially I wanted to dive right into holiday decor, we have not yet decorated our own home for the holidays. This weekend our faux Christmas tree from Target will arrive and the decorating will commence. My post for next week will be all about holiday decor and where to find it. Alas, this week I decided I would talk about the bedroom and how to make it the most comfortable sanctuary that you deserve. As of late, I have had many questions as to what bedding and pillows I recommend to get the best night sleep. Our Airbnb guests have also commented on the coziness of our space and want to know where I purchased the bedding.

First, I must share with you that last night as I was doing my research and composing my magical moods for this post, I was watching Jim and Andy The Great Beyond, a documentary on when Jim Carrey played Andy Kaufman and it was very inspirational. You must see it streaming now on Netflix. Jim said a very memorable quote that struck a deep cord within my soul "You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love." He spoke of how his father lost his accounting job, a job he took out of a hope to provide for his family, instead of pursing a career in comedy. His father took a risk and failed at something he did not love or want to do. So therein lies the point that why not try and do what we love if we might fail anyway with something we don't love. I am a firm believer in taking risks and making the life you want to live happen. Turn your passions into your dreams because we only live once. That is what I am doing with my styling and decorating business and blog. It is my dream to style, decorate and inspire others to create. Our world is so beautiful and full of creative souls that through our creativity we can bring hope, happiness and dreams to others. I hope that this bit of inspiration from Jim Carrey speaks to you as it did for me. 

Ok, moving forward with our very exciting topic of this blog post, creating a comfy sanctuary for your bedroom. Anyone and everyone who knows me, knows that I am a champion sleeper. I adore sleep and could sleep 24 hours straight if society and my body would allow it. That being said, my bedroom must be the most comfortable and cozy and I'm here to share with you my choice selections on bedding, mattresses, throws and pillows to make your bedroom your most sacred comfy space possible. 

Below I have composed a magical mood of everything in my cozy bedroom. I hope you like it! 


magical mood//my master bedroom 

1. Anthropologie Relaxed Cotton-Linen Queen Duvet Cover Color Cream $198. I absolutely love linen as it breathes and is super cool. I am a very hot sleeper so this fabric keeps me very cool and comfortable. Linen also becomes remarkably softer with each wash. I can't believe how soft it is! As a duvet cover, it is very simple to take off my down comforter insert and throw it in the wash. We have two dogs, one being a Husky, who love to be on our bed and it's hard to tell them no. So, I do have to wash the duvet more often than I would want to, but it gets softer everytime! And it's durable. This relaxed cotton linen duvet cover from Anthropologie comes in eight vibrant colors to customize your bedroom look. You will not be disappointed! 

2. Anthropologie Relaxed Cotton-Linen Standard Shams Color Cream $88. These shams are made of the exact material as the previous duvet cover. 

3. Anthropologie Luxe Velvet Quilt Color Blush $88-$98. I am obsessed with velvet and the luxurious feel of it. This quilt adds a bit of warmth and softness during those colder fall and winter nights. It also adds another texture to my bedding and dimensions with layering. 

4. Target Threshold Linen Blend Solid Sheet Color Belle Pink $67.99. I purchased this set of sheets two years ago and they have been my absolute favorite! They are impeccably soft after two years of washing and it is a dream to get into bed at night. They are cool and yet warm at the same time and make me feel as if I'm in a cloud. I highly recommend this set of sheets and they are so reasonably priced. They will last almost forever! 

5. The Casper Standard Pillow $55. Now this pillow is a something to talk about. Before I found this amazing pillow, I woke up every morning with neck pain.  Because of my neck pain, I've been on a search for the perfect pillow and I finally found the one! I was shopping in Target a few months ago where they had a section of Casper products, and so I decided to take the risk. Its unique pillow-in-pillow design creates the perfect balance of softness and support. It has a supportive construction with the gusset being the backbone. It fortifies the pillow's shape and evenly distributes the fill, creating a constant loft. It also provides neck support and better spine alignment. This pillow is also made to stay cool, which is especially important for me as I get very hot when I sleep. I promise you the Casper pillow will change your world, or at least how you sleep! 

6. West Elm Premium Down Duvet Cover Insert $329. Yes this is a lofty purchase at first, however this down insert will last you like literally 8-10 years. It is so soft and just the right amount of warmness. It also fits not only West Elm duvet covers, but other brands as well. There are cheaper versions of a down duvet cover insert at Target, Home Goods, IKEA and other home retail stores. 

7. West Elm Cotton Luster Velvet Pillow Cover-Dusty Blush $29. Now this is just the pillow cover so you will need to purchase the actual pillow itself. Once again I love the feel and look of velvet. It is so luxurious in how it feels to the touch and how it appears to the eye. It will be your best comfort pillow and give your bedroom a stylish look. And since this is a cover you can change it out if you want to change your bedding depending on the seasons and as your style evolves. 

8. Pier One Magnolia Throw Pillow $69. I bought this pillow when I purchased my Magnolia Lotus Area Rug for my bedroom. 

9. Serta BeautyRest Black Hybrid Alcove Plush Queen $2,599. So, the story behind this mattress purchase is an interesting one. Four years ago, I was sleeping on the oldest most crappy of mattresses that hurt my back every time I went to sleep. When I opened my first business, The Tiny Spa, I was making a little more money than before so I decided to splurge on a mattress. I went into a Mattress Firm and they talked me into this one. In store it felt nice, however I wasn't sure how in the world it would sleep. I took a risk and bought it and It's been the best mattress ever since. It is a dream to sleep on and my back never hurts when I wake up. It also combines the both of best worlds, a memory foam mattress and a traditional plush mattress. On top of having both worlds, it has a built in cooling technology to keep your body temperature at its most comfortable during the entire night. This mattress with the perfect set of linens is a magical combination to keep you hibernating and sleeping like a bear cub through winter. I highly recommend it! One of my best splurges ever!

10. Anthropoloige Chevron Faux Fur Throw Blanket Dark Turquoise $128. This throw is one of the most glorious throws there ever was and will be! It is the softest and warmest to snuggle with on the sofa or add it to your bed when it's colder during the winter. It is a must buy and comes in many colors! 

Ok, so there you have it folks, my bedroom in its entirety. Now you know why it is so hard for me to wake up in the morning. It's my cozy comfy sanctuary that I never want to leave! I hope you can take away some information and inspiration to create your own comfy bedroom paradise! 


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